Sunday, April 29, 2012

not i.

Who said it was going to be easy?

weekend(s) wrap-up.

 I remember Nhi when she was in elementary 
and now she's going away for medical school!!
Congrats Nhi !!!!!
 Happy Birthday Duyen.  
Thanks for keeping it real!!
And the party begins.....
Again...and again.....and again.
Vivian & I before the Mavericks lost.
It only went downhill from there!!
 Danny trying to win his Sequence title back.
Btw, ladies he's single again ;)
He's not much to look at but he's funny.
And if it helps, he's a pharmacist.
Belinh & Tom are expecting their first child.
Congratulations are in order!!
Yes, she's pregnant!! It's disgusting how great she looks.

The STAAR test is finally over.  
I can slow down and take a breather.
The results for the test comes in on May 21st.
Cross your fingers for my students. 
They worked & studied super hard for it.
Wow, is April really almost over???

i am still beautiful.

feeling a little hwangbo love.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Falling into place...
After all this time....
Who would have thought?

it could happen.

Reading books won't necessarily make me smarter, i know.
But it doesn't stop me from trying :)


adam levine. that. is. all.

Monday, April 16, 2012


I shouldn't....but I want to.
So, therefore, I will.

the big picture.

There are some things you'll never understand.
It doesn't make much sense to you but it doesn't have to.
It only needs to make sense to all those who matter.

heart attack.

Catchy, eh?

Monday, April 9, 2012


more than words.

weekend wrap-up.

Look at Adora working the camera!!!
The kids had a blast looking for eggs :)
 Too cute to eat!!!
 Can't wait for the arrival of Baby Doan!!
Just a couple more weeks Bau and Chan.
The husband can hold a baby, 
answer the phone and dry clothes on a line!!
  Dai trying to steal Tommy's thunder.
 Umm....I don't think that's for you buddy!!
You snooze, you lose!!!
 Happy Birthday Lisa Do!!
Congrats on your acceptance into pharmacy school.
Can't wait til you make the big bucks!!
 Happy Birthday Tien!! 
You can play with big kids now!!
Baby Ryan has finally arrived!!
Congrats Thomas & Thuy!!

We've got a jam packed schedule for the month of April.
So many birthdays to celebrate and births to look forward to.
My friends are done getting married and now 
they're just popping them babies out.
Folks....please give my wallet a break.


Look how far we've gone!!
Happy Birthday punk!
This year marks the 13th year bro!!
Geez, it's amazing what hair can, huh?


currently playing.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


See it through.
Finish what you start.

all is well again.

Mother Nature took a beating on the DFW area Tuesday afternoon.
I guess the tornadoes decided to meet up and throw a massive party here.
Fortunately for all, no one was seriously injured. 
Thanks for all the concerned emails and phone calls.
Since were at it..Sorry for the lack of updates recently. 
It's been pretty hectic in my neck of woods.
Is it just me or has this year flown by incredibly fast? 

i concur.

Give a girl the right shoes, 
and she can conquer the world.
-Marilyn Monroe

take my breath away.

Makes you want to watch Top Gun again, huh?