Monday, October 22, 2012

how it is.

I'm like that.
Either I forget right away...
Or I never forget.
-Samuel Beckett

weekend wrap-ups!!

 Belated but definitely not forgotten!!!
Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!
Congrats to Mommy Mai!!!!
 Thanks Andrea...
I could always count on you to help out!
Baby Elliot can actually keep the painting now.
 Umm...that's Evelyn's happy face too! I promise!!
 Is Tien smiling????
 Thanks Vanners!! 
A suitcase full of books??
I do think I love thee!!!
BTW, Happy Birthday!!!!
 Yes, my own leather bound Lord of the Rings!!
Thanks Rook & Duyen!!
College Spirit Week!!
Geaux LSU!!
My students had a blast 
drawing and perfecting the tiger!!
And yes...I was a hole punching queen!!

Hello Strangers!! It's been awhile, hasn't it?
How is everyone doing? All is well, I hope.
It's been a hectic school year. Lot's of changes.
After twelve years of teaching, I'm finally pooped ;)
I turned a year older this September so 
I'm gonna go ahead and totally blame it on age.
If I could, I would stay in and read all day...everyday.
Big dreams, I have :) 
You guys enjoy the rest of October!!
See you soon!

i don't need a man.

I know, I know....but it's super catchy!!