Sunday, August 26, 2012


It's very easy to only think about yourself.
But sometimes, just sometimes....
 There are other things that come before you and your feelings.
I know. It's a very hard pill to swallow..
But do it anyway.


Tomorrow marks the start of another school year.
Maybe it was nostalgia that prompted
me to open up a random yearbook,
but the date on the front cover caught me off guard.
Has it really been twelve years
since the first time I stepped into a classroom?
I mean, I know how long I've been teaching,
 but it's different to see it in print.
It's evidence that I'm no longer young and green, fact, I'm aging.
My brother told me to stop chasing
the fountain of youth recently.
I laughed...for as long as I teach,
 I'll always feel alive. And young.
Many teachers dread the start of a new year,
I say "bring it.'

almost lover.

As I said, I was feeling nostalgic.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

be not afraid.

You're much braver than you know...
Do what you have to do.

road trip.

I've never had the oppurtunity to meet
either set of grandparent's but I wasn't ever lacking.
Because while others had their grandmother's,
I had the world's best aunt!
Happy 80th Birthday, Auntie.
 Phuong & Kasem!!
Never thought you had it in you to be a mother...
but look at you've got two!!
Congrats on the new baby!!!
They have a pretty badass mom ;)
 Kasem and Baby Bree!!!
Need I say more???
 Tien...if that is your fierce look,
I'm not much scared!!! Thanks for coming along.
You know you're part of the family when there's 
a plate ready for you at the family reunion!!
  Nhi neglecting her babysitting duties
to come party with the fun cousins ;)
 Andrea....thanks for taking us around New Orleans!!
The husband totally misses you and anytime
you want to move back to The Lone Star State,
we have a room ready just for you!!
Lisa DOooOoo!!!
I know pharmacy school is keeping you busy..
but thanks for keeping me company on the drive!
Ok..ok..ok..thanks for driving us down to Louisiana!
Also, getting us back safe and sound!!
The Ta girls sure know how to schedule it!
Phuong with Kasem & Bree and Huy with Hao & Hayley!!!
I know ya'lls parents are grinning from ear to ear!
The Aunts and Uncles...partying it up ;)

Hello August!!  Goodbye Summer.
Our family reunion was in Louisiana this year
and us "young-un's" were actually invited to party
with the grown folks this time around!!!
I was only able to make it to the first half of the party...
the second half is taking place in Destin, Florida.
I know they're having a blast!
I normally don't partake in trips but when it comes
to hanging out with the cousins...who could resist??????

you could be happy.

snow patrol...that is all.