Monday, October 31, 2011

slow down.

There's no need to rush.
Get there when you're ready.

if only it were true.

Yes, I must agree with you....
It's a pity that the world is actually round and 
no longer flat like everyone once believed..
It would be nice if it were still true though..
Then we would have the option of pushing the ignorant idiots off.


Tablo and Taeyang?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

the way it goes.

You've got to take some of the bad
along with the good...

keep your head up.

My "pick me up" song.

Trick or Treat!!!

Sen, I don't care what anyone else says...
You so should have won first place!!!
I hope everyone had as much fun dressing up
as Sen obviously did....
It's still not too late to dress up!!
Have a Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

keep walking.

Don't borrow trouble.
You can't fix their problems.
It's best to stay far away.

without you.

Can I have him for Christmas??


Look at Dirk showing the Rangers some love.
I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a fan of baseball.
I have nothing against it. It's just not my preference.
The games can be rather long and the pacing can be a bit too slow for me.
However, I can appreciate the sport.
It takes a lot of hard work,
skill and determination to make it to the World Series.
So Congrats to the Texas Rangers!!
Hope you guys continue your streak...
Let's bring it home boys!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

sorry buddy.

It's nothing new...
Bad news never had good timing.
-john mayer

what, seriously????

The husband has the new iPhone 4S.
It's equipped with a new software called Siri. 
This application does all kinds of things, I'm sure.
But the only thing I'm really aware of 
is that "Siri"  apparently can hold really good conversations.
The husband can't seem to stop talking to "her."
Why just last night after he asked her to set the alarm...
He actually thanked her when she responded!!!
And then he giggled, like a girl.
I cooked the fool dinner but he THANKED the phone.  
I don't know what's more disturbing...
the fact that he giggles or that I'm being replaced?

the heart of life.

I've never been a big fan of John Mayer....
His whole appeal was something I just didn't quite understand.
But I get it now.


Yes, I'm easily humored.
This one's for you Danny Dinh.

Monday, October 24, 2011

too bad.

Time and words, you've used them carelessly.
It's unfortunate, for you can have neither back.

take a hint.

It's never occurred to you that maybe she's just not interested? 
I mean...she kind of avoids direct eye contact 
and never really answers any of your calls.
I think those are pretty big clues buddy.
No? That's never crossed your mind? Really?
I think that's an option that you may have to visit.


emeli sande. 
i love her laid back personality.
her music is great too.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Is it almost November already!!??
I remember around this time last year,
I was still running around preparing for our wedding.
I can't believe it's almost been a year. the time flies. 
I really should do something 
worthwhile before the year ends =D
Ha, in the mean time, 
I'll just enjoy my weekends off.
We're having family come in from all over,'s going to be time well spent.
Have a great Friday folks!!

go on.

What's done is done.

take me on.

<3 the song.
The video , however, makes me cringe.
I lie.  It makes me a bad way.
At least the first 36 secs of it had potential!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

it's certain.

Just wait. 
I'll find my way there.


So, it seems you've proved me wrong.
Yes, I am a tad bit surprised.
I'm lying. I'm actually a whole lot surprised.
Didn't think it was possible to tell you the truth.
I guess this means I would have to take everything I said back.
Well, no...not everything, just the really bad things.
Hold up...someone's trying to tell me something.
Excuse me, what? Really? Oh, OK.
Nevermind, you're still an ass.


i dig.

Monday, October 17, 2011

nothing else.

are just that. 
make them count.

ignorance, it's everywhere.

Before speaking,
please make sure your tongue
is connected to your brain.
-a very wise person

what makes you beautiful.

I do believe that I like this version over the original.
Perhaps I'm just biased.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

new path.

There is a time for departure
even though there is no certain place to go.
-Tennessee Williams

yes, he's serious.

On tough days like this....
I'm glad I keep him around.
He amuses me so.

weekend wrap-up.

This weekend, I had some down time. 
The husband swears this can only mean trouble.
For too much time, he says, 
breeds idle thoughts and that's never a good thing. 
To be honest, it did feel rather odd.  
There were no pressing assignments, no places really to be.
There was just time. Time, that I really did need.
It's been a hectic couple of weeks and a rough couple of days.
So the extra time was perfect for me.
It gave me a chance to stop chasing unnecessary things 
and to catch up and appreciate what truly matters...

favorite girl.

Such a chill song.
Kinda makes you wanna smile.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Gone but definitely not forgotten.

do it.

What is there to be afraid of?
There's nothing else left to lose.
Take that leap of faith.

loved you tonight.

His voice doesn't quite match his image.
It's not what I expected.

Monday, October 10, 2011

weekend wrap-up!!

Happy Early 23rd Birthday Annie!!!
Have fun celebrating it in Chicago next weekend!!!
I were like 9 years old just the other day!!
Happy Birthday Vanners!!
Welcome to the club buddy!!!!
Round Two in Dallas!!?? 
I heard Rosie's ready for you!!
Went to the Renaissance Fair in Houston.
I saw castles, blacksmiths, tavern wenches,
knights in shining armors and FAIRIES??
What an interesting experience!!
Too bad I didn't take pictures of what they were wearing...
or rather what they were not wearing!!!
Lots of food..there was!!!
Try ordering a BONER with a straight face.
Not so easy to do....!!!
Hope Ashton never grows too old for face painting!!

Had another jam-packed weekend!!
Went to Houston to run some errands and
do some birthday celebrating!!!
Happy Birthday Andrea and Vanity!!!
Hope you guys have a great year!!!
And with that..another week starts!
Hope it flies by just as fast as this past weekend!!
Have a great one everyone!!


Ain't that the truth!!?

asking for too much.

That's a long list. A very long list.
I mean, there's nothing wrong with having standards 
but your requirements are a bit extreme.
Which makes it nearly impossible to live up to.
While it's good to know what you want,
you must also learn to be flexible
or else your expectations may never be met.
And you'll just end up waiting.......
waiting for something that will never happen.

with your love.

This song is strangely catchy.
It's one of those deals where watching the
video makes the song sound better.
I know, I'm strange like that.


What the freak yo??
I can't believe I lost by .65.
The injustice of it all. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

you're ready.

Put your game face on,
look them straight in the eye, 
and plaster on that smile.
People will talk. That's what they do.
Their foolish words though........
should not get the best of you.

still in love with you.

It's been awhile since his last album.
It's good to have Wang Lee Hom back.
Is it just me though...
or does he sound a bit different?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

get to the point.

Borrowed voices can be so unclear.
If you must say something,
say it all can hear.


Some things just are.

who you are.

Tears don't mean you're losing
Everybody's bruising.
Just be true to who you are.

Monday, October 3, 2011


It's easy to take things for granted....
to forget what's important as life get's busier.
A phone call forgotten, an email left unanswered, 
a lunch date canceled, a hectic work schedule.....
it's starts with little things and progressively gets worse.
I'll be the first to admit, I'm guilty on many accounts.
Sometimes it just easier to forget about it after a hard day...
I'll catch up when I'm not so tired, I say.
But even I know that's a weak excuse.
All it takes is just a little effort.
Working on it....I be better.

weekend wrap-up!!

 Fashion for Passion 
Charity Fashion Show
 Loved all of Anne Hoang's designs!!
Mai...this is totally you!!
 My favorite of the night!!!
Pictures really do not do this dress justice!!
Man...were they tall and impressive!!!
Rosie & I met up with the cool kids after the fashion show!!
The lovely ladies getting the party started early!!
Not just anyone can work a black leather dress!!
Happy Birthday Phi!!!

Against The Grain Productions hosted their 
 3rd Annual Fashion For a Passion (FFAP) charity event this past weekend.
They're a Dallas based non profit organization
joining the talents and abilities of artists and philanthropists 
in raising funds for international orphanages and community outreach programs. 
It's humbling to see all that goes on to make such an event happen.  
It's a great cause.  Rosie and I had a good time. 
Afterwards we met up with the get along gang to celebrate Phi's birthday!!
And just like's Monday again!!!


You shoot me down but I won't fall....