Sunday, July 31, 2011


Because you said so...
and so you will.
Anything else would be unthinkable.

really tommy?

Tommy: the popcorn is super buttery today, so good!!
Me: dude...what popcorn..all I see is butter.
Tommy: where's my 3D glasses?
Me: in my purse.
Tommy: give it to me.
Me: nope, get it yourself, you put it in there, you get it out.
Besides I'm busy eating butter.
Tommy: your purse is a black hole. 
I hate 3D movies, these glasses are so annoying.
Me: you found em? we came late, 
this is the only showing they had for Captain America.
Tommy: Sigh...
Me: Quit your crying.
Tommy: Dammit these glasses are cheapo reapo...I can't see jack.
Me: shut up..the movies about to start.
Tommy: God these glasses suck (10 minutes later)
Me: OMG, maybe they suck because you have your sunglasses on IDIOT.
Tommy: WTH?
*true story


"Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." 
-mark twain

not like in movies.

"They say you know, when you know.
I don't know."

Thursday, July 28, 2011


The world breaks everyone, 
and afterwards many are strong at the broken places.
-Ernest Hemingway


Dear City Hunter,
With great sadness, I bid you adieu. 
I knew from the start that you were bad for me.  
I tried to stay away, I did. 
I just figured I could resist your magnetic pull. 
Sadly, I was proven wrong. 
Why? Why must you be so smart, witty, funny & dangerous? 
Why do you have to go and break my heart.  Damn you. 
Now everything else I watch will sadly pale in comparison to your greatness. 
Tonight's my last night with you, how will I be able to say goodbye?? 
Please have mercy and don't make the last episode too great, 
letting go will be so much harder if that were the case.


Such a breezy song. Perfect for the summer.
The video itself was a little too sweet for me though.....
but to each it's own.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

it matters.

You've been far too busy,
you've forgotten what's important.
Time, don't waste it.

moves like jagger.

I can't figure out if I really like this song
or if I just like looking at Adam Levine.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the irony.

I can jump hurdles,
yet I can't step over stones.
-anh ta


The brother in law returns from his 
back-packing trip across Asia.
He's helping out at the bait stand 
until he leaves to teach in Korea. 
Look who caught a flounder!!!!
 The return of Tommy's arch nemesis!
This guy loves stealing Tommy's bait!!
It was highly entertaining to say the least.
 Fresh crab!!
Nothing better than catching your own food.
Rockport is a sleepy fishing town.
No one wears make-up and curls their hair
to go fishing, the fish don't care, the husband complains.
Apparently, they do because guess who caught more..??
Tommy has a whole week off before he starts his new job.
We figured we better visit Rockport and hang out with the family
before Scottie leaves for his grand adventure.
Let's just say, it's really hot!!!
Texas...we need some rain!!

sitting, waiting, wishing.

gah, why so good???

Monday, July 25, 2011

never know.

Yes, you can get rained on even if you carry an umbrella.
Shit happens, just sayin.

best medicine.

To laugh....that's all you need sometimes.

in the night sky.

It's sad, I know, that I'm 32 and after watching this video 
I just want to put feathers in my hair and 
eat water for breakfast, lunch & dinner so I can look like them.
Sigh. Damn you media!!!
*fixed the link-sorry

Sunday, July 24, 2011


That weight has been lifted.
To smile freely again,
it's a great feeling, is it not?

weekend wrap-up

 Since Tien stole my roommate, 
he made it up to me by modeling for my fashion blog.
Poor guy, Tommy's clothes were a tad bit big..
so I had to poke and pin him up with needles and safety pins!
Btw...he's an artist and he's still single.
Let me know if you're interested...wuaghhhh =p

 Chasing the ever elusive Korean Taco Truck.. only took us about 2 months to finally catch it!!
Kim-chi fries, nom-nom-nom.

 Oh look the husband!! 
In a house full of visitors, he seemed a little out of place.
He took off quite a bit, I think he was kinda over whelmed.
On a good note, he got the job he's been eying!!
He's won't be slaving away on the computer anymore...yay!
Congrats buddy

 Umm...Nhi was a little too fascinated with 
the door peep-hole...just a little.

Jayce & Anh having fun with the photo shoot!! be that young again =p

Andrea exhausted from all the shots and camera poses.
She was a great sport though! Sigh, I miss her already.

 Yes, that's my new phone charm. 
And yes, it's kind of big. 
But guess who won't ever be losing her phone..
yup, me.

My cousins from Louisiana and friends from Houston
came into town this weekend!
Let's just say that we ate..ate..ate..ate..and ate.
Geez, those tiny girls sure know how to eat, let me tell you.
We were so busy running around eating I didn't even get a chance to watch 
my weekly dose of City Hunter, gasp!!!!!!
Thanks guys for modeling and Rosie for making good use of the camera.
I appreciate it much!! Hope everyone also had a great weekend!!!!
Three more weeks til I teach again!!!

hold on.

If that's what you want,
if that's how you honestly feel,
then you...should not waver.

rain over me.

I find it slightly disturbing that I've been
humming this song nonstop for the past few hours,
especially since I'm not a fan of Pittbull at all.
I am further disgusted that I actually think Marc Anthony
is sorta, kinda, hot in this video.
I'm sure once I've had some sleep, I will change my mind.
Please don't judge me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

defy, you will.

I know you....friend.
You're not supposed to..
and that's why you do.

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Brother.
So cute you were, what happened? I kid, I kid, I kid.
 Thanks for being such an awesome brother,
to think...I tried to stuff you head first into 
the mailbox when you were first born.  
Now that I think about, that actually explains alot.
Do you think that's why your head doesn't function very well?
Anyways, Happy Birthday kid.

rolling in the deep.

Seen them in concert twice...
You would think that's enough already.
Apparently not.....
Counting the days til they come back.
Love them.

Monday, July 18, 2011

not at all.

I'm not planning to apologize,
probably because I'm not very sorry.

never enough.

enchanted, i am.

harry potter.

Hurry, before it's sold out again!!
I'm so excited.
have to watch Harry Potter and the crew AGAIN.
Let's get this over with.


 Thank-you Tien..for stealing my roommate.
Now I have to put up with Tommy all by myself!!
You owe me big buddy.
Annie, who's going to keep me in line and
remind me to go workout and stuff.
Wait a minute, that might be a good thing.
Ha, thanks for eating my cooking, keeping me steady,
and letting everyone know how ridiculous Tommy can be.

the cello song (bach)

this, i <3.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

no thank-you.

I think I"ll pass.
I like it on the safe side of the sidewalk.
Fun and excitement is great,
but too much of a one thing 
can only be good for nothing.

weekend wrap-up

 Look who's having a drink with the City Hunter?
No, I'm not crazy!!!
 The husband helped Nam build a shed this weekend!!
I guess he's not useless afterall.
Found some pleasent suprises in the mail!!!
Nothing better then postcards and
a Dirk covered magazine.
Had free time, so I finally looked through
our wedding photoboth pics!!
Man, were some of them silly =p

It's been a lazy kind of weekend.
The husband was away being a toolman, 
so I actually had a chance to catch up.
I should enjoy it while I can,
busy weekends ahead. in less then a month!


"you can take everything I have
you can break everything I am
like I'm made of glass, like I'm made of paper
but i will be rising from the ground
like a skyscraper"

Friday, July 15, 2011

you are.

more then meets the eye....

stop, wait a minute.

Let me get this straight, you have two admirers, right?
One is easy on the eyes while the other is hard to look at.
They both annoy and shamelessly chase you around.
Yet, to you, the good-looking one is just persistent,
while the ugly one is kinda creepy.
Uh, HELLO, they're exactly the same, NUTTY.
Oh, so what you're really trying to say is....
it's ok to be a crazy stalker as long as you look good.
Man, that's not shallow at all.

out from under.

Her voice emotes so well.
She makes you feel sad with her.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i need more.

Patience, they say, is a virtue.
Too bad I'm running out.

love you like a love song.

"Aren't you glad I don't love you like a love song?
They're depressing as hell.
Someone's always leaving, crying or dying."

really, really, really.

Remember when you were younger
and your teacher and perhaps even your parents use to say, 
"Don't be afraid to ask questions because 
there is no such thing as a dumb question?"
I hate to bust your balloons buddy but they lied to you.
There are such things as dumb questions
and that my dear, was a really, really, really dumb question.


The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend. 
-Abraham Lincoln

i give up.

Allan: What are you?
Me: What do you mean?
Allan: I mean, what are you?
Me: A teacher.
Allan: No, what are you?
Me: Ok, a female.
Allan: No, I mean what are you?
Me: How about a human being, no????
Allan: No, God, I mean where are you from?
Me: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Allan: Ahhh...where are you from, from?
Me: Hmm, you must be asking for my nationality.
My father is Vietnamese and my mother is Chinese.
Allan: Really? This whole time I thought you were Asian.

*true story


She was in town just recently.
Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to make it out there.
Wish I had though, my brother said she set the stage on fire.
I mean, literally she set the stage on fire.


I finally have my fashion blog up.
It should have been up for awhile now
but City Hunter was on...and you now...
I got a wee bit distracted.
Thanks to all that helped out,
especially Chan, Bau and Lanna!
It was alot of extra work for you guys 
but it was all fun for me =p
Check out the link below:
absolute posh

Monday, July 11, 2011

for granted.

Remember how good this is.
Because you can lose it.
-jim carrey

my heart will go on.

This song takes me way back to freshman year of college...
Cuong made me watch this movie about a trillion times.
He cried each and every time too =p

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.
-jim carrey

weekend wrap up.

To the awesomest (is that a word) cousin ever,
Happy 31st Birthday Thuy!!
Volcano Roll!!
Could it be better than Chan's?
Practicing my putting game real quick,
didn't want to embarrass the husband in public!!
 Wine, Crackers & City Hunter with Rosie,
you definitely can't beat that!!

City Hunter.

Seriously addicted to this drama.
So good, it is.
I now know how druggies feel.
It's like my own brand of crack yo.
Good thing there wasn't anything pressing this weekend,
for I spent the majority of the time glued to the TV.
What will I do when it ends???