Monday, July 23, 2012


Let him sleep...for when he wakes,
he will move mountains.


Regretfully, I am wrong.
Fortunately, I can admit to it.
So sincerely, I apologize.

weekend(s)-wrap up.

 Wine & Cheese!!
It's been awhile since I hung out 
with the best friend ;)
 Happy Birthday PUNK!!
You were always my favorite sister...
Umm, I mean brother ;)
DIRK is married????
Sigh, I guess this means I have
to keep the husband now.
 Just talked to the Alan...
Congrats on your engagement again...
I hope all things go as planned.
 Look what I found!!
Is that the husband holding a book??

And just like that, 
August is around the corner to greet us!
Hope all is well for everyone!

kiss you inside out.

on repeat.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

you can do it.

There are some things you learn best 
in calm, and some in storm.
-willa cather

shh..please listen.

Change........Can I?? Yes.
Will I? Probably not.
I am who I am.


 Happy Birthday Thuy Chung!!
Not only are you an awesome cousin 
but you're not a bad friend to keep around!!
You're finally catching up to us...
32 is awfully close to 33 yo.
 Anderson Copper in the palm of my hands!!
Waughhhh. Hey, a girl can dream!!
Okay, so I definitely have no chance..
But I'm happy he's happy!!
Rosie's been practicing on her photography.
Not bad for a starter, huh??
Cecila, we're going to miss you much!!!
Take care in Florida and don't forget to visit us!!

Is it already JULY??
Quick, someone stop the time!!!

i love you.

love it.