Sunday, December 2, 2012


hello, again.

it's time.

Make it count.

weekend(s) wrap-up??

Just a few more weeks...
Can't wait to meet Baby Brady!!!
 Yes, that's right...
MULAN in the house!!
The brother in law bought us matching couple socks.
Scottie..of all people. Believe it. 
 The husband packed lunch.
 Yes, that is John. Yes, he is smiling.
And yes, he was most definitely drunk.
Which would explain why the husband
was also taking pictures and smiling.
Thanksgiving in Rockport, Texas.
Can't beat that, huh?
Thanksgiving dinner....the Rockport way.
 Welcome Lincoln. 
Cutest. Nephew. Ever. 
Stubbled upon my high school frames.
See? I was way cool...even in 95.

Hi. Can you believe it's DECEMBER already? 
How was everyone's Halloween? 
Thanksgiving? Black Friday? Cyber Monday??  
Ha, did I miss anything else?

It's been quite some time since I've last posted.
My sincere apologies.
So many things have happened the last two months,
I'm afraid I'm still trying to adjust to all the changes.

Regardless, I wanted to thank you for all the thoughtful 
emails and Thanksgiving wishes in my inbox.
I hope all is well and stays well for everyone.
Take care and stay warm during this winter season.


Waiting to be sick of this song...
Afraid it's not happening anytime soon.