Friday, April 29, 2011

happy friday.

The Mavericks made it to the 2nd round and 
Mai and Vo's big day has finally arrived.
Congratulations to both!!.
 I'm definitely going to enjoy this moment.
Good day to all.


Keep your heels, 
your head, 
 and your standards high.

fuel to their fire.

Be careful with your secrets.
Guard your thoughts and heed your words.
There are many who love to listen
 but few that actually care.

new soul.

"I'm a new soul, I came into this strange world,
hoping I could learn a bit about how to give and take"

round 2.

I love you. alot. Alot. ALOT.
But if I must confess, the Mavericks were looking pretty bleak the last few games.
So, it's a very good thing that you guys were able to pull through and win today.
From now on, don't drag the games out, ok?
 My poor heart can't take the excitement.
Do me a favor and just win quickly.
Thank you very much!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

we're not.

Were not laughing at you. We promise.
It's perfectly ok to wear your girlfriends shirt.
We like how it fits on you. Snug and sexy.
It's very flattering. It's the style now, right?
Tommy...shh...stop laughing.
He's not laughing at you, he really isn't.


"I'll sing it one last time for you, then we really have to go.
You've been the only thing that's right in all I've done"

not now.

Let's be honest. You're not ready.
You may think you are, you may even feel as if you are,
but the truth is,  you're not nearly as hard as you need to be.
You rule with your heart and not your head.
You care too much and hurt too easily.
Wait for just a while longer...
when you're a bit stronger and your skins alot thicker.
Wait, wait til you're truly ready.
Then you go.

if i were a boy.

BC Jean wrote this song and Beyonce made it a hit.
While I like both versions, I do favor BC Jean's voice.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

let's not look back.

No one said it's going to be easy.
Saying goodbye almost never is.
But a step in the right direction, 
makes it much easier to bear.

so, i do.

why am i smiling?
oh, i need a reason to smile, do i?
 because it feels great.
because i want to.
because life is good.
because i still can. 
so....i smile.

because i'm a girl.

How pretty is she?
Also, can someone tell me why these k-pop videos 
always try to rip your guts in a billion pieces?
Can you let them have a happy ending please?

Monday, April 25, 2011

nothing more.

Promise only what you can deliver.

heads up.

You can hide them, yes, but you shouldn't have to.
Those scars of yours won't heal prettily.
Don't cower in shame. Wear it proudly. 
Let them see, that hurt you were,
but broken you'll never be.

rolling in the deep.

"We could've had it all....."

funny he is.

Meme: Hello husband.  
Tommy: Hello Wife.
Meme: What did you do while I was away?
Tommy: Not much. 
Meme:  I can see you did laundry.
Tommy: Yup.
Meme: Is there a reason why it's still on the floor?
Tommy: My hands hurt so I couldn't fold it.
Meme: Really? 
Tommy: Yes, it hurts so "fierce."
Meme: Really?
Tommy: It's painful just picking the material up.
Meme: Really?
Tommy: YUP.
Meme: That's odd, the hands you're using to swing the golf clubs right now?
Tommy: ------------------

you belong to me.

I heard that when Jason Wade plays the accoustic version of this song,
it can make grown guys weep. True story.
I've been waiting to see them perform live for awhile now,
hope it happens soon enough.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Most can only dream their dreams. can live it.
Don't let one person hold you back.
Sometimes it's best to live for yourself.

weekend wrapup.

Hats off to Bao..who designed, built, and painted 
the wooden giraffe for Huy's baby shower. 
He, of course, had the help of the pretty Ta sisters =P
 The same could be said about Hien, 
who literally crafted the cake before our eyes.
Ha. I know. Say what, right???
My 76yr old aunt, my most favorite person in the whole world,
made it for me this weekend when I stopped in for a surprise visit.
Yes, it's so ugly, it's cute. She's great.
 If you're ever in must try the begniets.
I'm not much of a dessert fan, but I surely would eat begniets
for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could.
 Pronounced bɛˈɲɛ, this deep fried pastry is extremely popular with the locals.
It goes great with coffee, nom, nom, nom.
Tommy gave me a Polaroid 300 instant camera just recently.
However, he gets super embarrassed when I bust it out at events.
Despite what I say, he vehemently believes his wife 
is the only creature that totes "such an archaic" device around.
It's nice to have proof that I'm not the only one, my cousin Kim has one too!!!
Yes, that would be me, doubling over in pain after the Mavericks
lost a 23 pt lead in the fourth quarter of game 4 against Portland.
It hurts so fierce!!
I had a blast in Louisiana.
I forgot how great just hanging with the family can be.
Thanks cousins!!  I really do appreciate everything!
I think I finally found a cure for my insomnia.
All this traveling, has totally worn me out,
sure signs of getting old, I'm sure.
I loved going back to Louisiana
but feels good to be home!


Guess who's coming to town.? NKOTB. You know it.
Don't pretend you didn't have posters of them all tacked up on your wall.
Don't lie, you know you owned a gazillion t-shirts with their faces plastered all over it.
Oh, you mean it was just me?? Sigh. Ha, this really shows how old I am.
Anyone up for some good old boy band fun???

a thousand steps back.

Moving backwards can't possibly be good.
You just can't keep on reliving your memories.
But you know that, it's nothing I haven't said before.

kiss goodbye.

Did I ever tell you that Lee Hom and Jay Chou were really good friends?
Not that that's the only reason why I listen to him,
I mean, it helps that he's also goodlooking. I kid, I kid. 
He's produces pretty good music and he too plays five different instruments.
I guess, birds of a feather do really flock together.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm off to visit family this weekend.
Whether you celebrate Easter or not,
have an enjoyable weekend.
Safe travels.


Those skeletons in your closet, they're fighting to come out.
Either open the door and be ready to fight 
or be prepared to dig a deeper hole.

falling slowly.

"words fall through me and always fool me
and I can't react."

a bit harsh.

Don't be so quick to judge.
You've yet to be in their shoes.
Until, you know, you really don't.

sarah kay.

I do love her thoughts.
She speaks everything I feel,
only much more eloquently.
*thanks annie

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Finally, I can see you crystal clear.


One hurts so much because one loves so dear.
Be careful. Guard your heart. 
Hold it close. Keep it near. 
Then, perhaps, you've nothing to fear. 

a year without rain.

She looks forever youthful.
When she's 40, she'll still look 16.
On a side note, can anyone tell me 
where I can get that dress and those shoes?

be prepared.

that's a long road ahead.
if you're ready,
buckle up.


tsk. tsk. tsk.
It's not yours to keep.

a little too much.

"Sometimes you make me a better person 
Sometimes you bring out the worst." 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ripple effect.

It always starts with something small.

bad day.

forgot how much I liked this video...

welcome back.

It's amazing how great it feels
to finally let go and move on, huh?
Glad to have you back buddy.

down on me.

Everyone who knows me, 
knows that have I two left feet,
no rhythm, and no beat.
I rarely get on the dance floor because
I normally end up looking like a fool
but there's something about this song that 
makes me think that it's ok to look foolish.

dear tony.

Gee, that's some great advice my dear brother.
So much so that I'm thinking of letting you 
have a "dear tony" section.  
You can advise the readers to beat up
their family members and jump off bridges.

umm, thank you?

My best friend, Rosie, has a pretty decent postcard collection.
It's a hobby that has rubbed off on me over the years.
Anytime any of our friends travel, they make it a point
to send us a postcard of where they've been.
She collects them, I believe, so she can have something
to work towards, almost like a goal.  
They are a collection of all the places she has been to or would love to go.
I, on the other hand, am not much of a traveler
but I do enjoy to see the sights 
and hear the quirky stories on the back of a postcard.
So, when Cuong went to France recently, I asked for postcards,
 thinking he would send me lovely cards from France.
How confused was I, when he came back from France
with a postcard from Barcelona, Spain?
Also, I would have to say, that his postcard
is the most interesting looking one that I own to date.
Thanks buddy.

game 2.

Dallas Mavericks, thank you.
My moods have been great lately.
I'm sure my husband and students
appreciate your hard work.
Thank you for winning.
Now everyone can breathe a little better,
or at least until the next game.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Don't expect others to know your mind.
If you want something, ask for it.
Otherwise, you may be waiting for awhile.


"Ms. Do, how come you barely 
have any of our work on the wall?"
- Daniel 8th period

Because the walls are covered already,
my lovely children.

let's do this!!!!!!

the time really is now.

love song.

"i hate this love song, 
but i'll sing it with a smile."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Look how quickly it comes,
and oh, how fast it goes.

it counts.

Waste no time.
Nothing lasts forever.


"be yourself, be proud of who you are"


Not everyone will hear your thoughts well,
nor may they understand your plight or care for your story.
But you need not heed their careless words
for the only voice that truly matters
is the voice within.

dream high.

"i shake in the face of fear"


Be considerate.
There are others besides yourself.

Monday, April 11, 2011