Wednesday, June 27, 2012

happy feet.

Off she goes...
I'm hoping the wind doesn't carry 
her too far from home.

you heard??

"Raise your words, not voice.  
It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder."


The ROCKSTAR is finally getting hitched!!
Yay for the lovely couple.
Hope you guys are ready to get throwed!!
Geez, I'm telling you....
Everybody's popping em' out left and right!
Super excited for Burritto & Van!!
The sister is all growed' up!!
Spelling her name correctly and everything.
Teanuh, hope your new career change 
works out well for you ;)
Those of you in Denver...come visit the sis!!!
She finally looks pregnant ;)
Happy Belated Birthday Buddy!!
Can't wait to meet Baby Elliot!
Hope she looks like her mommy ;)
Dinner & Desserts..compliments of Chef Yen!!
Congrats on getting a fabulous new place of your own!!

Hey everyone...thanks for all the concerned emails.
I'm actually doing quite well...just a little busy!
Sorry, I haven't been able to update more often but
thank you for checking up on me and the site anyway!!!!!!
Hoping all is well........


"It's ridiculous how difficult a question can be
when the answer means so much."


this song is kinda addicting....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

in limbo.

Yes, all good things are worth the wait, they say...
But...damn you been waiting kinda long, huh?

you're most welcome.

Shhh, don't tell anyone this but.....
You know what's really good about having your own mind?
YOU CAN CHANGE IT!!!! Amazing, huh??


Cuong & Khoa at the LMFAO concert.
Need I say more???
 Only a month and Baby Alex already posing!
Sorry we couldn't make it to the celebration.
We'll definitely be there next year!!
Elena, I remember when you were still in 
8th grade questioning my teaching methods...
Congrats on being Salutatorian!!
You did me proud with your speech!!
Happy Father's Day to the worlds best dad ever!!
Thanks for making me work harder.

Thought I'd be able to enjoy the lazy days of summer...
Not so much...I've been helping a friend out at her place of business...
E P I C   F A I L!!!!!
I'm embarrassed to say that I'm not good at anything but teaching!
Hope everyone is enjoying their early days of summer!!


i can't ever get enough of ryan tedder.

Monday, June 11, 2012


It's always easy to make judgement...
But one must remember that 
everything seems much simpler from a distance.

au revoir.

Teanuh's moving at the end of the month.
Though she spent most of her college years away from home,
my younger sister was always just a driving distance away.
But this time, she's moving to Colorado.
And kinda far from Texas.
And if I have to be honest, I'm actually going to miss her....
Not enough to drive there but enough to be kinda, sorta sad.
You see, growing up, she was always a thorn on my side.
There were plenty of times where I wanted to 
punch her in the throat and kick her in the face.
Her smart ass quips would drive me insane but as we grew older, 
I begin to appreciate her well timed sarcasm and snark.
She wasn't intentionally rude, she was just born that way.

Teanuh, I've always felt that you grew up too fast.
While everyone else was partying, 
you graduated early and started working far too hard.
As your older sister, I've always felt inadequate
 because no matter how difficult things got for you, 
you've remained independent and strong, 
because that's who you are...or at least who you try to be.
I know you've been counting the days til you leave
but I've actually been dreading the day you drive away.
I don't ever really say it....
but thanks for being just the way you are.

don't wake me up.

yes, i listen to chris brown.

Thursday, June 7, 2012