Thursday, June 30, 2011

your disregard.

Careless words spoken by few are affected by many.
Think before you speak, it takes but a second.


Bad news is bad, of course.
But don't shoot the messenger,
we just deliver the news.


Everyone who knows me, knows I'm a big Eminem fan.
I normally take to most of his music
but this song took awhile longer to grow on me.
It's the lyrics that finally won me over.
Like most of his songs, it's raw and kind of angry. 
But it's also very real and honest,
with a touch of vulnerability that's rarely ever present.


Everybody needs a little time away, they say.
Because despite popular belief, you are not one but two.
Just remember,"you can love the crap" out of someone
and still not lose who you are.
So...have the confidence to allow yourself to miss one another.
After all, absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder.

just a kiss.

I know that Need You Now was a big hit
but that song just drove me bonkers.
Not only did I hear it on every other radio station,
I hated the lyrics.
But this song, this song, I like.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

selfless, don't be.

Just once, this once, do as you please.

repeat after me.

Say it. Say no.
No. N-O, NO.
Try it, it gets easier, i promise.


Were you as confused as I was??
Yes, Tommy can do that to you.
At least he never ceases to be amusing.
I can always depend on the husband and the brother
to give me something to blog about!

last one.

Dirk signing autographs 
before he heads back to Germany.
Dirk in Germany,
wiping his sweat or maybe a tear or two.
Does it matter?
Nope, not one bit. 
Just keep on wiping =p

I promise this is the last entry on Dirk,
until next season that is.
As you can see, I'm still on cloud nine.
Yes, I still rewatch game 6
And yes, I still tear up just a little.
I'm glad he's finally living up the momemt. 

because i'm stupid.

It's been two years but this song is still stuck in my head.

Monday, June 27, 2011

all you.

Yes, my friend,
if it sounds like a bad idea,
it's probably because it is.
But don't let me stop you,
I read for fun. didn't.

The venom from the "poisonous" bee was not deadly after all.
As you can see, Tommy survived the incident fairly well,
at least well enough to text demands.


Don't judge me.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Whatever you are, be a good one.
-Abraham Lincoln

would it be so bad?

Wait a minute…
You're thinking way too much.
Let me help you out.
Is he of legal age?
Did you ever have to change his diapers?
Were you ever his teacher?
Was he born by the time you were ten?
Alright then, looks like you’re good to go.
What? I don’t see anything wrong.
So what if he’s younger?
Give him a break.
He may just surprise you.
You never know.

there's no denying.

 Cooking is not my forte.
So when the boiling water attacked me yesterday,
I'd have to say the husband was pretty thankful.
Because if I couldn't cook anymore,
 that meant he would actually get to eat real food again.

the way you are.

Kina Grannis's voice is so soothing.
It makes me want to drink lemonade
 under the shade of a tree.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

um, no.

Smitten you are, how sweet. 
Adoration is good too.
Admiration is even better.
But hey, ummmm...
Sniffing her hair, not so much guy.
Let's dial it down a notch.
Show her cute not creepy.
Nobody likes a crazy.


How many different ways can I say this
and how many blog entries do I need to make?
Nobody likes a pity party,
much less a long extensive one.
Falling apart is easy.
Now...putting yourself back together,
that's the hard part.
Let's get up and go.
It's going to take a while but at least it's a start.

she will be loved.

Anyone watching The Voice?
We're following Dia Frampton 
and hoping for her to win.
I have to admit though, I watch it because
Adam Levine is pretty easy on eyes =p

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

too soon.

Real or not real?
-hunger games

The truth is not so easily deciphered.
Don't always be fooled by what you see. 

losing my religion.

The husband's new crush.
He has pretty good taste =p

seize it.

The sun goes down, the stars come out
and all that counts is here and now.
-the wanted

we belong together.

Rewatched Tristen & Isolde...
I almost forgot how I much I liked it.
Bloody fights, honor, pride, love, and betrayal..
What's not to like? Oh yea, Isolde.
Geez, was I supposed to root for her?
I just wanted to punch her in the face half the time.
Other than was great.

Monday, June 20, 2011

better than one.

Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.
-Helen Keller

just is.

always has been.
always will be.

stereo hearts.

i like finding covers to popular songs.
it's fun to hear someone else's interpretation.
this one's so chill. 


Danny filling prescriptions 
and trading stories with Peja!!
Dung all up on Dirk!!!!
The husband felt bad for me,
so this was delivered to ease my green heart.

Envy, I believe, is one of the seven sins.
I was told that it's not good to be envious of others.
But I can't help it, it's so unfair, some people have all the luck!!

glad you came.

What can I say, they're my new favorite group!!
Must be the accent!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Memories, even the good ones, can be tarnished.
You've done enough, don't ruin all that is left.

weekend wrapup!

 Girls Night Out!!
Yes, Cuong is one of us!
Jenga!!! Jenga!!!
 Somewhere along the night, 
Viet showed up and then knocked out!
My BFF's!!!
 Annie and I!!!
Lanna & Dai's new restaurant!!
Definitely two thumbs up!!!

Girls night out was a success.
Kim came in town from Laffyette
and Annie showed her the Dallas sights
while Cuong gave her a warm Texas welcome!!
Like they said...everything is bigger & better in Texas =p

heart vacancy.

i <3

father's day.

Happy Father's Day,
to the toughest dad around town,
he may be the strictest man I know,
but he's also the biggest softie!
Hope everyone celebrated it well.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Happy Friday folks!!
Still floating on cloud nine, I am,
and it doesn't look like I'm getting off anytime soon!
Still can't believe the Mavericks did it.
This is as good as it gets!
Enjoy your weekend!!

face it.

 Run, evade your problems for the day. 
Sooner or later you'll still have to pay.


5 AM
Bright-eyed, bushy tailed, and
ready for the parade!!
 Outside the arena showing our devotion!!
View from inside American Airlines
What a crowd indeed!!!
Even in the sweltering heat, 
Mavs fan lined the streets of Dallas.
Thanks to Daniel's VIP passes, 
we didn't have to suffer in the heat too long!
What husband??
You want new artwork for your game room?
After almost 10 hrs,
Memedo is still ready to go =P

Those that are not die hard fans of a sport,
probably won't understand the point of all this ruckus.
But for the City of Dallas, they've been waiting 31 years for this win!!
My wait wasn't nearly as long or as extensive as some,
but with almost half my life spent watching
this team struggle, grow and finally win...
well..that's worth a little celebration, don't you think?

nice guys.

I know this is a parody and these guys never fail to amuse me
but is it sad that I really kinda, sorta dig this song?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

to hide.

A mask, 
despite how well you wear it, 
is still a mask.
What lies beneath won't
stay hidden forever. 

wait for it.

One day I will find the right words, 
and they will be simple.
-Jack Kerouac

show goes on.

Tommy's new favorite jam.
Didn't have the heart to tell him it's been out for quite some time already.
Someone should really tell him he's a little late =P

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

show me.

I like it. It's nice.
No one else thinks it's pretty though.
It's cuz they're not really seeing, huh?
adela garcia - 4yrs old

*to be young and unsuperficial again,
wouldn't that be nice?

set fire to the rain.

"But there's a side of you that I never knew, never knew."

Monday, June 13, 2011

step up.

If it's such a big issue......
maybe you should get up and do something about it.....
because it's not going to change otherwise.

pretty simple.

Your mess. Your problem.
It's really not that difficult to understand.

say what?

Wow, thanks Cuong.  Only a $1,000 each?
That's it, are you sure?

Really Rosie?  I get all 3 for only $500?
What a steal. what a steal!!

I don't know if my friends are funny or extremely ambitious.
I hope they're not holding out for compensation, they're not getting any.
Call me old fashion but I wanted something concrete
 to hold on to, to commemorate the long, hard Mavericks win.
I went to three different locations and the newspapers were all sold out.
Never fear, my friends were here! Thanks buddies!


"Even the the best fall down sometimes"

Sunday, June 12, 2011

it would.

Don't wait away your days
wishing for better ones.
A waste that would be.


Clear eyes, full heart.
Thank you team.


on repeat.

you hear that?

It's really not how you listen,
it's how you understand.


"This one's for you and me,
living out our dreams.
We're all right where we should be."

*Bruno Mars & Eminem??
You can't beat that.

in time.

Everyone wants a "happily ever after."
I mean, who wouldn't?
But these things... it won't happen overnight.
You can't have an ending without the beginning.
Be patient. Let the story run it's course.
 You'll get there.

stop & think.

Don't let the heat of the moment get the best of you.
 It would be unfortunate if you did permanent damage
just because you were temporarily stupid.